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Discover why I dedicated my thriller to a killer at The Purbeck Literary Festival.

I can’t wait for Crime at the Castle at Durlston, Saturday, February 28 at 6pm. It’s dinner with crime and screen writer, Lee Compton, and yours truly.

If you love nothing better than losing yourself in the pages of a messy murder why not come along, have a few drinks and nibbles in a stunning location overlooking the sea and hear how a killer turned me into a thriller writer.

Here’s the link, if you’d like to book tickets:!crime-at-durlston/c134c

Would be wonderful to see you there.
love joanie x

I am Ella. Buy me is ‘one of the most entertaining books ever’ says Goodreads reviewer

‘SUPER, SUPER FUNNY’ Srikari Downey Jr, Goodreads reviewer

I can’t believe it took me this long to get to this book! It was one of the most entertaining books ever!

This book, set in the 80s(my favourite!) is about a confused yet (I feel) confident ella. She is a copywriter in CBA, under Peter ( read: the sexist and STD filled Peter!). Let’s face it, being a copywriter as a woman is hard ┬átill this day and imagine in the male dominated worls of the 80s? Ella was kickass! Her ideas were turned down, stolen and laughed upon. She is also threatened to be fired by Peter, unless… drumroll… she agrees with their little arrangement, yeah u guessed right, it involves the Std filled bed of Peter’s. Ella needs this job bad, she needs money for paying the mortgage and supporting her mother (she is very novel I tell you!) but she wants to stay as far away as possible from Peter’s ‘very’ cozy bed! so does she or doesn’t she? Yeah right, like I will tell you that!

This book had an amazing protagonist, she is someone I had come to respect through the book. She was witty, snarky and super super funny! I laughed like never before throughout the book! Ella was an iron-hearted woman, she didn’t let the male dominated world get to her! I love it when a woman is portrayed this strong, it’s not just entertaining but inspirational! She reminded me of Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada!

The writing in this book was just perfect! It made u laugh when it was required, sad when it got kinda darkand thoughtful when she faced dilemmas! It was so realistically portrayed and I love that about this book! I also heard that Ms Ellis added her real life experiences in the advertising world and boy did that just make the books whole lot better!

Well the negatives I found in this book were PETER! I EFFING HATE that son of a bitch… urghhh… but it’s supposed to be that way I guess.

I kinda lost interest in the plot in the middle so that’s why I cut 1.5 stars! but al said I still couldn’t put the book down! It took me just days to finish! It’s a must buy for people who are sick of the same old cliched stories! It was very entertaining and I would sincerely like to thank Ms Ellis for providing me with this book!

Rating: 3.5 stars