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Listen with Mummy

The Killing of mummy's boyThe Killing of Mummy’s Boy Goes Audio

If you like being read to, let me tell you a story. ‘The Killing of Mummy’s Boy’ is a 5* psychological thriller about what happens when a woman meets a murderer on a train.
Recently, I had great fun turning it into an audio book. Spurred on by Vectis Radio’s Head honcho, Ian Mac, who had interviewed me about the story, I spent18 hours recording at Vectis studio. Exciting stuff. The thing was I could only use the equipment when the station wasn’t broadcasting which meant creeping in at the dead of night. Just me and a microphone. I frightened myself stupid, conjuring up the caste of characters. Loved doing all the voices, especially mummy’s boy himself – what a nasty piece of work. And Ben, the elusive murderer, a Londoner to the last. An out and out bad boy or a good guy gone wrong?
Right now, if you’re an audio book virgin, you can download the The Killing of Mummy’s Boy for FREE!
Have a listen, if you’re brave enough!

Donna Jones MBE and me!

What a laugh we had! Donna Jones MBE is a powerhouse of talent – poet, writer, artist and fundraiser – that’s just scatting the surface, believe me. Loved chatting to about anything and everything from her Mum’s toe-curling jockey hat of a bonnet to our shared love of the written and spoken word, we covered a gamut of emotions.

Here’s what Donna had to say about it all. Enjoy.

If you like this please go online to Vectis everyFriday between 1-2pm when I’ll be chatting to writers, poets and lots of very special people with lots to say. Thank you!

Flying solo on the radio

First ever show on Vectis Radio. I was driving the desk, alone, without a licence! Terrifying. Luckily, I was interviewing author Jan Toms who is the picture of serenity. turns out she used to work for the Foreign Office but having signed the Official Secrets Act her lips were sealed. Not for long – soon had her chatting about everything from brawls and bust-ups to animal cemeteries and murder mysteries. Don’t mess with Jan!

Hear what this lovely lady has to say here and check in online at Vectis Radio every Friday between 1 -2pm. Thanks for listening.

Talking to Dom Kureen

What a pleasure talking to poet Dom Kureen on Vectis Radio. Wildly talented man with lots of important things to say. One to watch. And listen to!

You can hear the interview right here, right now. Oh and I should add that Dom was a total hero and saved the day when I had a mega coughing fit – not that you’ll notice it. Much!

Great job – talking to lovely people on the radio

With lots of encouragement from radio guru, Ian Mac head honcho at Vectis Radio, I have recently started presenting my own show. Called Wit, Wisdom and Pratfalls, my guests and I celebrate life in all its wonderfulness and highlight those banana-skin moments when life pulls the rug from under you. I’m the expert in those.

I have chatted to poets, writers, ex models, Venus-award winners and national treasures including Dom Kureen,  Donna Jones MBE, Gail Downey, Jan Toms and Tim Callaghan-Martin. They’ve shared their work, wit and wisdom. Most importantly, we’ve had fun.

This Friday, I’ll be talking to author Samuel Z Jones. Great name. Great bloke. Listen in between 1 – 2pm online. If you miss it, you can catch it again the following Saturday. Thanks for listening!

In the meantime, hear what Venus Award winner, bookseller and ex-model, Gail Downey had to say:

Radio Ga-Ga

Loving presenting my new radio show on Vectis. Wit, Wisdom and Pratfalls is all about us. People. And the myriad roles we all play every day – mother, brother, lover, son, daughter friend, foe. We’re at once wise and witty but occasionally we experience that banana-skin moment when we fall flat on our faces. Others might laugh but provided we can laugh at ourselves we’re doing fine. That’s what life’s about – being happy, laughing when the chips are down and smothering them in mayonnaise when we’re on the up!

Listen live to what some brilliant minds – writers, poets and thinkers have to say. Click on Vectis Radio every Friday at 1pm. We’d love to hear from you too. So why not phone in and join in the conversation. Speak soon!