Monthly Archives: March 2016

Radio Ga-Ga

Loving presenting my new radio show on Vectis. Wit, Wisdom and Pratfalls is all about us. People. And the myriad roles we all play every day – mother, brother, lover, son, daughter friend, foe. We’re at once wise and witty but occasionally we experience that banana-skin moment when we fall flat on our faces. Others might laugh but provided we can laugh at ourselves we’re doing fine. That’s what life’s about – being happy, laughing when the chips are down and smothering them in mayonnaise when we’re on the up!

Listen live to what some brilliant minds – writers, poets and thinkers have to say. Click on Vectis Radio every Friday at 1pm. We’d love to hear from you too. So why not phone in and join in the conversation. Speak soon!