I am Ella. Buy me. 4 star Bookshelf Review

In the interests of posting a completely honest review (something I always strive to do) I must admit that I wasn’t expecting to like ‘I am Ella, buy me’, and I definitely took some time to warm to her.

I was expecting a book moaning about the inequalities between men and women in the workplace hidden behind a scathing backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain. However, intrigue got the better of me and I agreed to be part of this blog tour. I did feel bad, because it’s really hard to write a review of a book you didn’t like. Period. But it’s even harder to write a review, when you don’t like the book and you’ve had contact with the author – who’s lovely! As it turns out, I’m very glad that I joined the blog tour and there’s no awkwardness here. No, I can’t claim that it’s my favourite book or that I was hooked from the very start but what I can claim, with absolute certainty, is that even if you’re a little dubious you should give Ella a chance.

She was everything I wasn’t expecting and instead was everything I was hoping she would be. She was strong, independent and determined but in being so she also, thank fully, avoided the pitfalls that you so often find with those characters: the ‘necessary selfishness’ all the way through, the hard exterior that only cracks when that guy comes along. Everything annoys me about strongly written female leads. Ella was different and refreshing. She was strong, she was determined, she was independent and she was sometimes a little selfish but above all she was obviously a person. She was a strong independent character who knew what she wanted and what she would (and wouldn’t!) do for the sake of her career. She was relatable. With feelings and a good moral compass she really could be a role model for women, be them finding themselves in a male dominated environment or just going through a hard time in life.

Aiding this relatability and very enjoyable reading experience was the writing style, which was humorous, serious and heart-breaking all wrapped up in 318 pages. The other characters that Ella encountered during those pages, be them wonderful – Wally and Adam – or downright sleaze-balls – Peter, I’m looking at you – were just as dynamic as she was and really bought their own individual perspectives to the then uncommon situation of a women in the heart of the very competitive Adland.

The one downside to this book is that it will make you very hungry constantly, with Ella turning to cake and her best friend when it all gets a bit much (I think we can all relate to that one) the accounts of multiple scoops of ice cream and descriptions of thick slices of cake will soon have you curled up in the chair with the book in one hand and your favourite treat in the other.

I am Ella, Buy me is a thought provoking, and relatable romantic comedy. Fast-paced with just the right amount of sassy and sarky you will find yourself rooting for Ella and the other women in Adland until the very end and beyond. So put your slippers on, grab a slice of cake (and possibly some tissues) and let yourself get drawn in.

Rating: 4/5