Oh what a lovely tour

DSCF1702DSCF1677Isle of Wight, Isle of Purbeck and Soho sandwiched between the two. I took all 3 books on tour and had a blast meeting some lovely people.

With Lee Crompton and Emma Fanandez at Purbeck Lit Fest

With Lee Crompton and Emma Fanandez at Purbeck Lit Fest

Kicked off at the delightful Mrs Middleton’s shop in Freshwater with a friendly gathering. Next stop, Shanklin’s Community Centre where Lorraine was a great host. I was joined by poet, Donna Jones, MBE who braved the filthy weather. I thank you.

Tuesday evening, off to The Society Club in Soho. It’s a gorgeous place. The last time I was there I had 3 cocktails on an empty stomach before dancing down Argyle Street on the arm of a light-footed and dextrous chap who managed to sweep the street, simultaneously.

The club is off Broadwick Street where I was a copywriter in the 80s. It’s where: I AM ELLA. BUY ME is set, based on my antics in Adland.

Next morning, I landed in Patisserie Valerie, in Old Compton Street – Soho’s original and iconic tea-room. Again, this is one of Ella’s haunts – she enjoys many a croissant with the lovely Adam right here.

Surrounded by cake, lovely customers and staff, and wonderful friends who came along to the evening reading. Thank you for making the day a joy. And no, unlike ‘Ella’, I did not eat all the cakes. Just most of them.

Then it was off to The Purbeck Literary Festival, organised by the magnificent Emma Fernandez. The night was billed as ‘Crime at the Castle’ so time for Ella to let The Killing of Mummy’s Boy and Guilt take centre stage.

Following my book signing at Blanchards with the delightful Jill and Lisa, a dedicated audience braved the wind and rain to have their blood curdled. For one night only, screen writer, Lee Crompton joined me and, for one night only, we were king and queen of Durleston Castle, scaring the living daylights out of the dirty rascals. DJ Steve Harris was tasked with interviewing – slightly disconcerting given he knew more about the pair of us than we did.

It was a pleasure to meet some lovely readers that night; the youngest being a talented eleven-year-old writer. I’d love to know what you think of the book. So please get in touch and let me know.

If there was any justice in the world, I should’ve lost my voice after hearing so much of it over the past week, but, no such luck for my long-suffering husband.

Next stop Red Nose Day at Shorwell Village Hall. I’ll be signing books to raise funny money for Comic Relief. Then off to Wight Words at Quay Arts in the evening. Come along and have a laugh.





‘Dark and heartening’ psychological crime thriller

This was lovely to wake up to this morning –  the first review from the Fire and Ice Tour for GUILT.

‘A dark and heartening story of a young girls grief and guilt. This psychological crime thriller had me at the edge of my seat and I could not put it down.’

You can read more heart-in-mouth stuff here:



 There I was happily writing chick lit when along came a killer who turned me into a thriller writer.

 t took a murderer on a train just ninety minutes to make me switch genres. Ninety minutes of being subjected to his take on being in prison. Ninety minutes of enduring all the grisly details of the crime that put him behind bars and ninety minutes of the barbarism that kept him under lock and key for far longer than his original sentence.

 I didn’t dare move for fear he’d pull a knife on me.

 When he finally got off the train, I sat there stunned, feeling defiled and dirty. I hadn’t asked to hear his sordid tales but he’d told me all the same. Having listened to them, his words were engrained on my brain.

 Meet Ben from my first psychological thriller: THE KILLING OF MUMMY’S BOY. He wore the badge of convicted criminal with pride. Ruthless, terrifying and amoral, no one could accuse him of being boring. What better character for a novel? In a heartbeat, I’d crossed to the dark side, the more I wrote, the more hooked I became on every twist and turn.

 Having written one thriller and loved every minute, I couldn’t wait to start the next. The plot for GUILT quickly took hold as I began to explore this toxic emotion. Like a nauseous gas, it seeps into every crack, destroying lives. Such power, yet it only exists in people’s minds where it passes it from person to person like an infectious disease, with no one willing to take the blame.

 GUILT is one woman’s attempt to get the better of it and see off the feelings of shame that dogged her life since the death of her younger brother.

 GUILT explores a side to human nature that is uncomfortable to confront yet lurks below the surface: the evil, the cruel and the wicked. Yet, no matter how bad the crime, there is always the possibility for hope and redemption.

Fancy a cheap thrill? GUILT is now just 99p

Be ‘mesmerised’, ‘terrified’ and ‘gripped’ all for just 99p.

Seven year old Susan is alone when her younger brother dies. The guilt informs the rest of her life. When it threatens to destroy her life and relationship with her baby she must revisit her past to discover the truth. What she uncovers is as horrific as it is hopeful.

GUILT, now on Amazon Kindle, just 99p until March 16.

Heart stopping stuff

My Valentine’s gift to you. Have your heart in your mouth when you read GUILT for just 99p. Seven year old, Susan is alone with her younger brother when he dies. The guilt informs the rest of her life. When it prevents her from bonding with her baby, she must revisit the path to discover the truth. What she uncovers is as horrific as it is hopeful.