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Guilt can have corrosive implications when childhood memories are revived and their reliability questioned. When the worst happens, everyone has their version of events, justifying their actions, shifting the blame. For these people, the truth will always be the enemy, something to be hushed up and rubbed out. Over time, the lies they tell themselves become their truth, making it difficult to uncover the facts.

‘You died in April 1965, a month before your fifth birthday. You were probably dead long before Mum downed her third gin with Porky Rawlings.’

Seven-year-old Susan is alone with her younger brother, Mark when he dies of an overdose of their Mother’s pills. Susan blames herself, her guilt informing the rest of her life. However, when it prevents her from bonding with her baby, she must revisit her past to discover the truth.

“A dark and heartening story” Ajoobacats

“You won’t be able to put this down” Carrie January

“Wonderful writing, straight from the soul” Dii