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I am Ella. Buy me

Borrowing from my experiences as a rare beast – a girl in the macho world of advertising in the early 1980’s, I wrote my first novel, ‘I am Ella. Buy me.’ Ella is blessed with fat thighs and small boobs. And that’s where the resemblance to me ends.

‘Ella David is a ginger tom, a boy-racer, a success and a pain in the arse.’

Me in the '80's. No, I don't know what I was thinking either.

Me in the ’80’s. No, I don’t know what I was thinking either.

A copywriter at CBA in Soho’s Adland in the 1980’s, Ella is either pretending to be a cat called Marmalade in order to pen letters from him, or fending off advances from her boss, ageing Lothario, Peter Richards. She had a less than idyllic childhood at the hands of a damaged father and survives by treating life as a joke, while enduring chauvinistic jibes to keep her job and enable her to pay her mortgage and her frail Mum’s rent.

The one constant bright spot in her life is her cake-fuelled friendship with former colleague Adam Hart.

When Ella takes some Chardonnay-inspired liberties with Marmalade’s copy, the client sees it and threatens to fire the agency. Peter puts Ella on the horns of a horny dilemma: either he fires her or sires her. Given the country is in recession, she plays along and their ‘Little Arrangement’ is born. Luckily, an accident temporarily renders her too ugly for Peter to bed but he uses her appearance to bar her from a new business pitch, enabling him to take the credit when her idea wins the account. Ella is incensed and Peter pretends to fire her to teach her a lesson. Treated like a dog by a bitch at the unemployment office, Ella is so upset, she prangs her car. A young singer and professional ego-maniac comes to her rescue. Tom-everyone-wants-a-piece-of me-Tyler worms his way into her heart but when he claims to have spent the night in a Photo-Me-Booth and she discovers a condom in his pocket, it proves a prophylactic too far…

‘Love it!’ Trevor Beattie, Creative Director BMB

‘A gem of a book’ Paul Burke, author.

‘Extremely funny’ Bookaholic Confessions

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