The things you missed
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The Things You Missed While You Were Away

As a working single Mum I championed the benefits of Mother’s milk and Mother’s Ruin.

‘The things you missed while you were away’ compares my daughter’s childhood with my upbringing in the 60’s, highlighting the bittersweet moments my Father was unable to share.

It is written as a letter to him but anyone who has been a child can read it. If only to prove when we lose someone special, love comes from unexpected directions to fill the gap. No-one needs miss out on happiness just because they do not fit the 2.4 children and 4×4 car mould.

‘Dear Dad,
Since you’ve been away, you missed so much – some of it funny, some of it sad, all of it magical.’

My mother was a single mum in the late sixties and early seventies. I was left holding my own baby, Sophie when she was just seven-months-old.

Consequently, both my father and Sophie’s dad missed the love and laughter in our lives.

From the moment the doctor’s over-eager receptionist announced my pregnancy to a crowded waiting room, to the day my four-year-old daughter reclined on a sun-lounger, sipped a thimbleful of champagne and told my friends, ‘I have a hard life and take my pleasures where I can,’ I have never felt more of a failure…

Sophie gets the icing on the cake

Sophie gets the icing on the cake


“Funny yet poignant. Delightful vignette, hilarious.” Trish Jackson, author