‘Funny, yet poignant’ this book is for anyone who has been a child

For anyone who has been a child, THE THINGS YOU MISSED WHILE YOU WERE AWAY is a ‘funny, yet poignant’┬ámemoir tracing my childhood and my daughter’s.

SOPHIE COVERSophie gets the icing on the cake

My Mum ,brought me up alone in the 60s. By the 90s, when I found myself a single parent to Sophie, the world was a very different place. But some things never change. Unless they are nappies. In which case, stand well clear! Thankfully, Sophie was keen to move on – ripping off the offending article, racing past the potty and flinging herself onto the loo, flushed with success.

Based on a column I wrote about Sophie, this book shows all is not lost even when we lose someone special because there is no limit on love.

‘Hilarious. Funny, yet poignant.’ Trish Jackson, author