Great job – talking to lovely people on the radio

With lots of encouragement from radio guru, Ian Mac head honcho at Vectis Radio, I have recently started presenting my own show. Called Wit, Wisdom and Pratfalls, my guests and I celebrate life in all its wonderfulness and highlight those banana-skin moments when life pulls the rug from under you. I’m the expert in those.

I have chatted to poets, writers, ex models, Venus-award winners and national treasures including Dom Kureen, ┬áDonna Jones MBE, Gail Downey, Jan Toms and Tim Callaghan-Martin. They’ve shared their work, wit and wisdom. Most importantly, we’ve had fun.

This Friday, I’ll be talking to author Samuel Z Jones. Great name. Great bloke. Listen in between 1 – 2pm online. If you miss it, you can catch it again the following Saturday. Thanks for listening!

In the meantime, hear what Venus Award winner, bookseller and ex-model, Gail Downey had to say: