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The Killing of mummy's boyThe Killing of Mummy’s Boy Goes Audio

If you like being read to, let me tell you a story. ‘The Killing of Mummy’s Boy’ is a 5* psychological thriller about what happens when a woman meets a murderer on a train.
Recently, I had great fun turning it into an audio book. Spurred on by Vectis Radio’s Head honcho, Ian Mac, who had interviewed me about the story, I spent18 hours recording at Vectis studio. Exciting stuff. The thing was I could only use the equipment when the station wasn’t broadcasting which meant creeping in at the dead of night. Just me and a microphone. I frightened myself stupid, conjuring up the caste of characters. Loved doing all the voices, especially mummy’s boy himself – what a nasty piece of work. And Ben, the elusive murderer, a Londoner to the last. An out and out bad boy or a good guy gone wrong?
Right now, if you’re an audio book virgin, you can download the The Killing of Mummy’s Boy for FREE!
Have a listen, if you’re brave enough!