I LOVED Ella. She’s one snarky, sarky bitch and she cracked me up. The narrative of Ella’s voice was hilarious; she’s totally down on her luck and seems to get herself caught in one predicament after another. From her job of writing as a cat, her love of cake, her need for validation and her nightmare boss Peter (who made me want to be physically sick!), her life is full of drama. Throughout the book, we see Ella wanting to better herself. We know she doesn’t want to turn out like her mother, but she feels trapped where she is, and the recession certainly isn’t helping. When rock star Tom Tyler becomes her new love interest, things are looking on the up. With the support of her sweet old colleague Wally, and adorable best friend Adam, Ella starts to work out what she wants, and what it takes to get there. There’s an eclectic cast of characters to keep you entertained and endless amusing mishaps. I Am Ella. Buy Me. is a really light and fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Rating: 4/5