Peter Richard’s Little Black Book

[Peter is the chauvinistic Creative Director of CBA, the ’80’s ad agency in my novel: I am Ella. Buy me. To discover how his mind works, I took a sneaky peek into his Filofax.]

Spotted new little hottie in my department!!! A dark-eyed lovely fresh out of college. Just my type! Unfortunately, she appears to be shacked up with her copywriter, an ugly so-and-so with a penchant for raspberry-coloured trousers. Bumped into him in the gents – let’s just say he doesn’t measure up to yours truly! Lord knows what she sees in him. Assume his Father is loaded.

Just asked my secretary and apparently this new girl’s called Chloe. Ella hired her when I was away. Getting that little beauty on board is the best day’s work she’s ever done. Thank goodness I didn’t fire her.

Will give Chloe the benefit of my experience later over a very large glass of Chardonnay at my club.

Meanwhile, new campaign worth squillions is up for grabs, hair spray or some such girlie nonsense. Must brief Ella. Not that she’s a very good ad for the product. Must get my secretary to book her a cut and blow dry at Daniel’s and tell her to stick it on expenses. Can’t let the client see her un-pruned bush and ruin our chances of winning.

Oh hello! Hottie alert. Here comes Chloe without her bodyguard. Time to charm the pants off her. You never know she might have saved me the trouble by going commando! Watch this space!