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I am Ella. Buy me. by Joan Ellis ~ BLOG TOUR!
Be careful who you cross on the way up; you might meet them on the way down.

Huge thank you to the ever-lovely Leah from Girls Love To Read for getting me involved with Joan’s blog tour for I am Ella. Buy me. And of course, another huge thank you to the author herself Joan, for providing me with a very entertaining story that I absolutely loved.

Book Addict Review: I am Ella. Buy me.

I am Ella. Buy Me by Joan Ellis
17 Friday Oct 2014
Posted by bookaddictuk in Book Reviews, General Fiction

Fast-paced, dialogue-driven and immediate, for me, I am Ella. Buy Me is reading firmly outside my comfort zone, a million miles from my usual fair of half-forgotten, almost-classics and literary mysteries.

Slightly anxious about participating in my first blog tour, I was even more dubious when the book arrived. Its design, shiny cover, unusual format, and open-type face all screamed “this is not for you”, very loudly. So I didn’t embark on reading I am Ella. Buy Me with any expectation of pleasure or reward but rather somewhat fearful that I would hate it. And for the first few pages, I did. There is hardly a pleasant character in the novel, and the lovely Adam and the wise, warm and gentlemanly Wally don’t shine through until later on: I found it hard to warm to characters who measure their self-worth by the length of their car or who thought it acceptable to wash their smalls in the office.

For all these initial misgivings, I am Ella. Buy Me won out as an enjoyable read.

VFringe – flushing loos and flashing lights

First night of the VFringe was a blast. Loved every minute. Big thanks to the friends who turned out and some strangers too, including the unsuspecting people I hijacked at the Ventnor Carnival and invited to my show: I am Ella. Buy me. One lady even came on crutches – quite a feat given the venue was up a hill in the Scout Hut at The Woodland Bar. It’s an idyllic setting. A place where magic happens.

I conjured up the ad industry in the 80s. I could smell the smoke in the bars in Soho and taste the one too many wines that got drunk in those heady, hazy days. I was an advertising copywriter and back then advertising was a showy, sexist but spectacular industry. It gave me the opportunity to work with advertising greats like Tony Kaye and Trevor Beattie as well as amazing talent like Penelope Keith and Harry Enfield. 

Carol Piner review: I am Ella. Buy me.

Joan Ellis’ “I Am Ella, Buy Me” reads like the life a lot of us have lived
and some of us have yet to live. By that, I mean our so-called professional
lives. The life that feeds us, runs our cars and pays our mortgages. Yes,
that one. The one that drives us near insane or it would if the people that
pepper our professional lives don’t first.

Ella David’s reference from Peter


100 Dean Street, W.1. Telephone: 01 734 1000

20 November 1982

To whom it may concern,

Re: Ella David reference

My name is Peter Richards, Creative Director par excellence of CBA Advertising.

Ella David has been my copywriter for some years and has written a number of award-winning campaigns. She will work her arse off for you – believe me, there’s enough of it so you will get your money’s worth.

She seems unable to keep a boyfriend so no worries about her getting knocked up and leaving you in the lurch